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Leia o agradecimento de Carlos Garay a todos os activistas da Amnistia Internacional

A 25 de Março, Carlos Garay, um prisioneiro peruano sobre o qual o Grupo Local 19 – Sintra trabalhou, foi libertado. Em Junho, Garay agradeceu a todos os activistas pelo apoio, através da seguinte mensagem que enviou para a AI:

Dear Friends:

It is a great joy for me to write to you and send my fraternal greetings to you and everyone you work with over there. May God reward you all with good health.

Through this letter I would like to give my infinite thanks and cordial congratulations to all the members, collaborators, volunteers and citizens from all the countries who every day join forces and energy to strengthen the work done by Amnesty International in London, arduous work defending human rights and combatting discrimination.

I am Carlos Alberto Jorge Garay, a former prisoner of conscience from Lima, Peru, who was adopted by Amnesty International. I was released on 25 March 2010 after being unjustly deprived of my freedom and my family - my wife and son - for sixteen years.

I would like to give my eternal personal thanks to all the Amnesty International groups from all over Europe and other parts of the world who worked effectively for my release. My very great thanks to all of you who strengthened me in my suffering with your letters, voices, prayers and good wishes. I sincerely admire you, I love you with all my heart and you will be forever in my thoughts even though it will be difficult for all of us to meet but I feel that we are the children of the same father and that resounds in the depth of my being and for me we are the same family despite the distance that separates us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

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